In this area, you can freely download the Outputs of the DroneTeam Project. The DroneTeam project consisted of nine Intellectual Outputs (IO). The first three IOs enable the development of a basic drone. Basic drone concept is a drone with the essential components to be able to fly. The IO 4 to IO8 correspond to the development of an advanced drone, a drone with Advanced Flight Controller which permit auto-flight and sensors as GPS, Magnetometer, Barometer, Accelerometer, Gyroscope. Also, First Person View (FPW) and Telemetry are implemented in an advanced drone.

The IO9 is the DroneTeam eLearning Platform where you can follow up to 16 mini-courses that will provide you with an expert vision of the drone sector. And you can find more free educational resources in DroneTeam eLearning Platform

You can also find 3D CAD files or prepared for 3D printing in STL format, poster components, manuals and applications, highlighting the main application developed that allows the control of any drone. This application, called DronE can be downloaded on , virtual reality simulators and an augmented reality application. Also in this area, you will find a poster about components and their assembly, a glossary of specific terms and crosswords, useful for your English classes, etc.

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