The project has met VET teachers and students from different areas of knowledge with a global vision to professionally develop these stakeholders. Consortium has worked on innovative practices in four VET Schools, adding synergies and supported by an expert technology centre generating high-quality Open Educational Resources.

Moreover, this project will bring a high added value since we will follow the same steps needed in the development of a real and innovative product. Using DroneTeam results students will develop basic and transversal skills in multidisciplinary teams.

For three years this Project has been developed and on this webpage you can find all the information about its development, as well as free and free access to the results.
In this page you can find: the justification and the impact of the project in each partner; all about the transnational meetings held; Dissemination and communications activities carried out and, of course, the project results available with a creative commons license.

Please click the above banner: you will access the DroneTeam eLearning Platform. It is in five languages (English, Spanish, Croatian, Polish and Slovenian) and you can access small training courses, 16 courses that will offer you an expert knowledge about the world of Drone: Drone Components; Basic Assembly; Advanced drone assembly; Glossary; How to Fly a Drone; Wind Tunnel; Why does a drone fly?; Flight Simulators; Propeller Comparative; VR Simulator; Plastic Drone Components; 3D CAD Design; Printing Drone Parts; Game of Drones, DronE app - DroneTeam app; Regulations about drones.

Access to the platform is free, but you will have to register with an email to be able to save your progress. You can download your diploma if you have satisfactorily passed the questionnaires in the basic courses of components, assembly and glossary. In this section, you will also find various materials suitable for learning through crosswords, kahoots, etc But there is much more, in the Download Area of the eLearning Platform you can download the CAD files in standard exchange formats like STEP, IGS; STL files prepared for 3D printing, software and tutorials on drones; Glossary, ...

During project development, since September 2015, we have witnessed an evolution of the drone sector, with a great emergence of drone manufacturers and also of professional applications. Therefore, in the eLearning Platform you can find a section where you can see the relevant figures of the drone sector and know the state of the art through a selection of videos that demonstrate the evolution of this sector, both in the professional field and in the leisure field.