logo IesLaFoiaWebSecondary and Vocational Training  State School, 450 students. We offer Secondary Education, Bachillerato and Vocational Training in different fileds: Moulding(Machining), Plastics Injection and Administration and Finance. For this project, we will work with students of Technician in Forming by Metal and Polymer Moulding (Técnico en Conformado por Moldeo de Metales y Polímeros - BOE 138- Orden EDU/1561/2011).

Our school is the only one in Alicante offering plastic injection vocational training.
Moulding is offered under a dual scheme: students study and work in moulding companies simultaneously.
The school started in 1940`s as a vocational training school due to the development of the toy industry in the area. In 2012, new facilities started to be used with the best educational equipment in the moulding sector. (turns, milling machines, ...)

The School is currently very focused on generating new content ICTs, they have developed their own material which have been incorporated into the current curriculum (informally). Most teachers work with departments and Blogs and websites so that students are in a more comfortable means of learning.
Name: Irene Pastor Casas. English teacher for 18 years. Experience in Technical English Teaching at La Foia School for Moulding Vocational Training (upper grade) for 2 years.