sisakTehnicka skola Sisak is a vocational school and it is one of five high schools in Sisak, which is an industrial and commercial city in the central part of Croatia with approximately 50,000 citiziens. The school has 494 students, 43 teachers and 7 management staff.

Our students are mostly from the town of Sisak and its suburbs. Many of them have experience in travelling abroad. Their social status can be considered as Croatian middle class.

In Tehnicka skola Sisak there are four-year educational programs for engineering technicians, electronics technicians and environmental technicians. Besides the regular classes, we also provide adult education in the field of CAD-CAM and CNC. As a part of the school of engineering there is a new Centre for teaching new technologies, which consists of CNC and CAD labs and a demonstration room for automation and robotics. Within the CNC lab we have four EMCO teaching CNC machines two lathe machines and two milling machines. Also we have a producing Spinner CNC tool machining centre and a Spinner CNC lathe.

Tehnicka skola Sisak seeks to promote cooperation with similar schools in Croatia and Europe, to improve the quality of teaching and education. So far, Technical School Sisak implemented a CARDS 2003 project of the EU, when we purchased two production CNC machines as a part of the project. This project was aimed at increasing the level of competence of local unemployed population.

Then we did a few specialised courses for adults in the area of CAD and CNC. After those courses our students were given the appropriate qualifications and because of that they were able to get a job more easily.

In 2011 we realized a Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO project named “Exchange of better practise in vocational training, especially CNC technics“ and our vocational teachers went to Germany where they improved their knowledge in some German companies with cutting-edge CNC technology.

Our goal in this project is to expand vocational teachers' competence and students' skills through the integration of different expert areas and to include these experiences in our future teaching.

The role of Tehnicka skola Sisak is to coordinate this project, and to actively participate with their vocational teachers and regular students in designing and manufacturing a new product by CNC techniques which will be one of the results of CNC&IT partnership project.