The project will meet VET teachers and students from different areas of knowledge and will bring a more global vision in order to professionally develop these stakeholders. It is intended to work on innovative practices in four VET Schools, adding synergies and supported by an expert technology centre in order to generate high-quality Open Educational Resources.

It is also intended that teachers of different Schools can develop educational materials that cannot develop without the collaboration of teachers from other disciplines and experts.

Moreover, this project will bring a high added value since we will follow the same steps needed in the development of a real and innovative product. Students will know and will analyse  the same concepts used in business. Therefore this will be a close project to the real world of work. That is why the aim is to cover the current demand of dynamic, creative and enterprising professionals.

Students can develop basic and transversal skills in multidisciplinary teams. The creation of theses multidisciplinary teams of students will also allow peer learning. That is, a Spanish student will have worked on the plastic structure of the drone, the Polish student will have worked on the software and programming device control. The Slovenian student will provide its expertise in electronics and wind tunnel evaluation. The Croatian student will contribute the development of several parts using CNC using special tools developed in their School. They all together in a team can learn from their peer formed in different disciplines.